We are a web programming and development consulting company. By combining the specialised knowledge and skills of our team we aim to deliver quality software solutions and friendly knowledgeable service.

Meet Our Team

Wolfram Kriesing
Wolfram KriesingFounder
I have been cruising the web universe since 2000 when I joined a startup I helped to burst in the bubble :). After working and freelancing for several companies such as MySQL and BMW, founding my first startup, time was right to focus fully on the open web. Together with Tobias and Nikolai we love to focus on bleeding edge and so we do now.
Tobias von Klipstein
Tobias von KlipsteinFounder
Before founding uxebu with Wolfram and Nikolai I was developing web applications, designing and managing web architectures and doing server administration as a freelancer for more than 10 years. Now in uxebu I concentrate on pushing web technologies on various platforms and try to make mobile web and JavaScript development more easy.
David Aurelio
David AurelioSenior Architect/Consultant
I fell in love with the web ten years ago. Starting as an allround developer, I was focusing on frontend development during the last years and discovered my love for interface creation and UX. After joining uxebu in 2009, I switched to the mobile sphere and have been working with mobile devices since then.
Tobias Reiss
Tobias ReissSoftware Engineer/TDD Coach
I’m a Web Developer since 2001 when I joined a startup where my job was to build web apps for the financial sector. JavaScript became my swiss army knife for client-side pixel manipulation and vector rendering. Glad to work for a company that concentrates on the language I prefer, JavaScript.