Test-Driven Development for beginners

Workshop with Wolfram Kriesing

Munich, DE

4th Dec '14

15 seats

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In this hands-on course you will get introduced to test-driven development (TDD) using JavaScript. You will practice a lot and learn the red-green-refactor cycle.
The course focuses on how to use TDD as a tool to achieve better, more reliable, less cluttered and more focused software solution.

Why attend?

– Learn the TDD concepts
– Practice TDD and get feedback
– Learn how to write less code
– Practice pair programming
– See TDD support your workflow
– How to create testable code
– Let TDD support your productivity

What will I get?

– An intense full day hands-on programming and learning experience
– Pairing with other people
– Learning and trying out TDD concepts
– Learn how tests can drive your design
– How TDD helps focusing and solving a problem

Where and when?

4th December 2014, 9:00 – 17:00
Munich, Germany, Hopfenstr. 6 (near main train station, Hauptbahnhof)

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JavaScript should be one of your daily languages.
Bring your own laptop.
Be prepared to be surprised.

Who is giving the workshop?

Wolfram Kriesing, co-founder of uxebu a JavaScript-only company since 2008. I am working in IT since 1997, coming from low level languages I was happy to do my first JavaScript job in 1999. Since then I didn’t let go. Quality and Software architecture have always been one of my obsessions, I am sometimes called „the tester“.
I started the JavaScript CodeRetreat, am building TDDbin.com and love to inspire people. You can meet me at various meetups (in Munich) and conferences (worldwide).

About Wolfram Kriesing

Coach: Wolfram Kriesing

More than 17 years of programming experience, four of them practicing TDD, Wolfram is one of the most passionate TDD experts in the bavarian area.
Find him on twitter @wolframkriesing or read more on LinkedIn.

About uxebu

Founded in 2008 as the first worldwide pure JavaScript company, uxebu has gained impressive knowledge in the software testing field, being today among the most experienced companies. Read more at uxebu home.

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Workshop language

German (English if required)
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