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22 October, 2014

Global day of CodeRetreat, a worldwide day of TDD

By |October 22, 2014|uxebu|1

Yes, the CodeRetreat goes global again! On the 15th of November hundreds of cities will be rocking the coding scene, joining the CodeRetreat from all over the world… which is absolutely amazing! And, of course, such an event couldn’t come without Munich, AKA Europe’s main tech hub, taking part to it ;)
Check the official […]

9 September, 2014

JS CodeRetreat #3 Highlights

By |September 9, 2014|Events, JavaScript, JS Code Retreat, tdd, TDDbin, uxebu|0

First and foremost I would love to thank all the attendees that made the #jscr #4 such a cool event, which obviously made it worth spending another Saturday on working on our coding skills. And of course I would love to thank Martin Ruprecht who facilitated the event with me and Irene who has […]

8 September, 2014

Getting started with webpack

By |September 8, 2014|development tools|0

JavaScript has no standardized module system yet (ES6 will bring one, finally). A module system is used to structure your code into files, refer to dependencies and export values. Due to the lack of a standard multiple system have evolved. If you use some different libraries in your project and each of them is […]

14 August, 2014

JS CodeRetreat before JSConf EU, Berlin

By |August 14, 2014|Events, JavaScript, JS Code Retreat, TDD, uxebu|0

I know the JS CodeRetreat from its birth, and I’m really happy and proud to see how fast it is evolving. This time there are several news, too many not to list them in a blogpost. The Global JS CodeRetreat, that regularly takes place every 3 months, is planned for the 6th of September, […]

12 August, 2014

SoCraTes 2014

By |August 12, 2014|Events, frontend engineering, Open Source, redis, tdd, TDDbin|0

It’s already two days ago, that SoCraTes is over and there is still this cosy feeling that it left. It was one of those memorable conferences that you know you wanna return to. Oh, an un-conference it was! And that’s the point, it was not the “one (wo)man standing and telling you the truth” conference. […]

7 August, 2014

New Endeavours

By |August 7, 2014|uxebu|0

In May 2008, Wolfram, Tobias and I have met for the first time to organize the first of many events in Europe. This was the beginning of 6 wonderful years, where I was fortunate to being able to learn something new each and every day. uxebu allowed me to be part of a […]

4 August, 2014

Integrating jasmine and mocha for – two tragedies

By |August 4, 2014|JavaScript, JS Code Retreat, Open Source, tdd, TDDbin, uxebu|0

It was up in the air for a long time and finally I got around it to start open sourcing the code behind After fiddling around with the existing code base I quickly arrived to the conclusion there is some major clean up, actually simplification and modularization very necessary. So I started to […]

14 July, 2014

Test public API, not implementation details

By |July 14, 2014|JavaScript, TDD|0

There are good reasons why programmers perform tests themselves in contrast to letting an external testing department (QA) perform the tests. The programmer is able to discover errors in code and in general design decisions much faster and can react immediately, as one might say, the feedback loop is very short. On the other […]

2 July, 2014

How to remove AMD artifacts for deployment

By |July 2, 2014|JavaScript, Technology|0

You are working with require.js (AMD modules)? And you want to have a very simple way to build your project into one file? And later apply the minifier of your choice? Here is the easiest it gets.
But a bit of history first. David Aurelio has built undef already over a year ago, which we […]

13 May, 2014

JavaScript CodeRetreat #2. So awesome!

By |May 13, 2014|Events, JS Code Retreat, tdd, uxebu|0

Thank you :’)
Here we are again, the JavaScript CodeRetreat #2 just ended, and was awesome!

This time 4 cities joined: Munich, Cologne, Barcelona and Oxford! How cool is this? We’re getting bigger and bigger, that’s amazing :)

First of all, I really want to thank our Munich sponsors: uxebu GmbH (breakfast and organisation), MayFlower (drinks), TNG […]

26 March, 2014

Tests are for lazy people

By |March 26, 2014|uxebu|2

If we don’t test our code, how will we ever write self-learning algorithms which generate code for us?

Bogus argument? Valid?

24 March, 2014

How to use Google Spreadsheets for TDD

By |March 24, 2014|JavaScript, tdd|1

The idea is from 2008 by Dave Nicolette and Karl Scotland and they first presented it in their talk “Manager’s Introduction to Test-Driven Development” where they are showing managers how to do TDD with Excel and VBA. Inspired by this talk see how to do it with Google Spreadsheet and JavaScript as I tweeted last night.

21 March, 2014

JS CodeRetreat: facilitator’s skills

By |March 21, 2014|Events, JavaScript, JS Code Retreat, tdd, uxebu|0

Soooo many people are asking us which skills and abilities a facilitator should have. Here we are then, with a small list of suggestions!

General skills
First of all, he/she (probably “he”…) should be able to speak in public, trying to give a personal touch to every talk. He (I’ll just continue assuming that the facilitator […]

21 March, 2014

We Lean

By |March 21, 2014|business, development tools, Lean Startup, uxebu|0

“We have a really good idea about developing a new web product.”
Usually, this is what we actually think, but in the sentence there is a huge mistake: “a really good idea”. No. It’s not necessarily a good idea! I read countless forums, articles, stories about failure in startups. Too many! But the most of […]

10 March, 2014

Our JS CodeRetreat: sharing knowledge from both sides

By |March 10, 2014|Events, JavaScript, JS Code Retreat, tdd, TDDbin, uxebu|0

“Knowledge sharing”: even though I’m getting used to this mindset, this is something that still surprises me quite a lot. Our JS CodeRetreat was all about sharing: we shared our TDD knowledge, giving you all the chance to attend a free course for an entire day, and you shared your experience and much more during the […]