Last Thursday I was at the #gtugmuc which was really packed this time. For being the second #gtug in Munich I am very impressed how quickly people reacted and attended. I think a main reason is that Google was hosting it and showing android stuff.
After the two android talks (Damon Kohler about Android Scripting Engine and Markus Junginger about Android in general, slides and links) a lot of people had already left, which made the at least 30°C in the room a bit more comfortable. I was a little scared that my JSONP-hack talk would be boring for the people who stayed, since android seemed to be the main topic of the evening. But I think it went quite well and be sure to see more coming from our side regarding this topic, there are plans. And we are still hoping for Google to provide JSONP natively for spreadsheets, without the necessity of this hack. But haven’t heard anything about it yet either. Jens Trapp closed the evening with his talk about Google AppEngine, which as I have heard supports Java now too, nice! Unfortunately I had to miss out on the socializing part afterwards, so I didn’t get to hear the interesting stuff that always goes around then, but read about it in blog posts etc. about #gtug. And it was really nice to meet Darren Cooper and the Frankfurt WebMontag people, they came all the way from Frankfurt just for that evening, awesome! See you in FF on the 10th of August!
Last but not least: A huge thanks to Nils Hitze who organized it all, it was a huge success, Nils you rock!