After the storm of last week, this week was relatively quiet. Part of the reason was probably the three day RIM outage ;) I’m looking forward to see how they’ll recover from that. Even my brother-in-law, non-technical and RIM pinger for a long time, told me he’s now considering an iPhone due to the outage. Somehow I think he’ll have forgotten all about that now that the network is back up. I guess that’s how it goes.

Oh did I say quiet? I must have completely forgotten about the Dart revealing! Yeah so Dart is out. It’s not been received very well, although I didn’t really expect anything else after the pre-storm of critique after the leaked email about it. I won’t link directly, but the most heard issues were in the lines of “it’s what Java should have been”, “it’s just Google’s client GWT framework”, “true is the only truthy value??”, “not working in Opera due to browser sniffing” and “17k to display hello world?”.

I’ve kept pretty quiet about Dart myself and don’t intend to go deep into it here either. I’ve looked at the syntax and while I see some nice things, I generally don’t really liked it. I expected better and fresher from Google, I guess. As far as the shitstorm goes, I’ve only been really annoyed with the 17k cross compilation bullshit. Dart is not just a cross-compiling language; it’s a different language. So when you compile “hello world” in js, stating that Dart is slow and crap due to the the 17k “bloat” of dead code it generates is just plain dumb and ignorant. That’s right. You should compare the compilation of an empty script to that of “hello world”. Dart doesn’t “compile to js”, it merely generates its entire VM in js and then the specific code you wrote. TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. ktnxgtfo.

Anyways, I don’t think Dart will be what Google hoped it would be. The language is too much a cross of Java and JavaScript. They should have let go of old languages and only used them as inspiration. Ohwell. Ship, sailed, moving on.

Motorola released their html5 framework; RhoElements. This after Sencha released their Animator framework last week. Don’t forget that Adobe is doing some interesting aquisitions. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them or Edge just yet.

For now they have announced that they have not yet declared Flash dead. Since they released Flash 11 released with 3d support, I’m not sure anybody thought they had given up just yet. Yet, the lack of support for Flash on many mobiles can’t be ignored. Ohwell, I guess we can always use our own Gordon platform for running Flash with web technologies ;)

Talking about web technologies, Opera proposed a pretty refreshing view on how pages should scroll. According to them they should flip as actual pages, like books or magazines. They argue that this is a more intuitive way of navigating the web on mobile.

Mobile land itself is pretty much in state of war though. Samsung lost the battle of Australia, at least with Apple, for now. Their lawsuit was thrown out. Fun fact, their lawyer accidentally revealed in court how much Samsung was requesting from Apple in royalties (he wasn’t supposed to, that was a secret). That didn’t sit well with the judge in terms of “fair” and it seems the case was thrown out based on that. I’ll guess Samsung will have a new job opening soon in their legal department.

HP is also throwing something out. They figured out that the idea of splitting the pc-division may not have been the best way to go for HP. It especially seems to hurt their network of supplies. So they are now rethinking that strategy.

Oh and remember those reports of Android running on the HP TouchPad? Well, lookie here, it’s been done. Have fun.

And finally, Apple released iOS5. It seems that did not go too well in terms of internet infrastructure, but great for Apple nevertheless. But luckily even Apple can’t break the web this way and now everybody seems to run iOS5. Well, lucky for hackers. Until they fix this minor web security issue at least. How this made it past Q&A is beyond me though.

Some js goodies for ya: Caterwaul lets you recompile js and redefine the semantics of functions. cdlre is a js regex engine in js, allows you to see what steps js takes when you apply a regex. And this 3d minesweeper game in webgl was pretty nice, albeit very difficult. It’s been a slow week for jsgoodies, this is all that stood out.

See you next week! :)