We’re making good progress in the organization of our event: according to our official website and to the Facebook event we should already have 35 participants. Right now, our main issue is related to the gadgets: which ones should we choose? And, most importantly, how many?

It’s not it easy to guess how many attendees there will actually be, and for us this means a notable lack in our planning. If we order too much stuff (gadgets, food, drinks) we’ll probably waste money, and I do not even want to think about the case of ordering too few. We’ll still have to figure out with some supermarkets if it’s possible just to give back the items that are still packaged… hope for the best!

Btw, we thought of pretty nice gadgets for the participants. First of all, we wanted something that could be useful and frequently used, but still well looking. We expect our attendees to look at them with the “wow!” expression, thinking “I want that!!”.
I will not reveal you what we’ve eventually chosen, but I’ll give you just a tiny clue: one of them is edible :) for the rest, surprise!

We have prepared a number of price lists, differentiated according to the number of gadget to order, the prices, their different characteristics etc., in order to have several combinations of the total final prices, which, when the time comes, will facilitate our ultimate decision.

There is an additional small problem that bothers us: the design. We have a couple of (hopefully good) ideas, but we still need help. Luckily there is a talented designer who is able to give us a hand with this issue (thank you Viktoria! antfarmdesigns.com).

There are several additional minor issues that we are trying to solve day by day, and luckily everything is going well (at least for now!).

I hope that this event will continue to give us many satisfactions :)