Number 2 is on it’s way – JS CodeRetreat #2!

After the success of the first JavaScript CodeRetreat in February the second one must not be too far out. And it isn’t. Sixty seven days from today.

Want it near you?

You want a JS CodeRetreat to take place in your city? Make it happen!

Why JavaScript only?

To learn faster. To grab the problem by the neck earlier. To make the learning more relevant faster. CodeRetreats where you are free to choose the programming language are very awesome and you learn lot of things, esp. about other languages than the one you use daily, concepts, tools, etc.
But this can also be in the way of trying to get to perfection faster.

And because we live and breath JS daily, that’s why we focus on JavaScript only.


Find all information on the website or just ask.
If you need any help just let us know via twitter or leave a comment below this post.