Thank you :’)

Here we are again, the JavaScript CodeRetreat #2 just ended, and was awesome!

This time 4 cities joined: Munich, Cologne, Barcelona and Oxford! How cool is this? We’re getting bigger and bigger, that’s amazing :)

First of all, I really want to thank our Munich sponsors: uxebu GmbH (breakfast and organisation), MayFlower (drinks), TNG Technology Consultant (food) and WERK1 Muenchen (location). We also had media partners such as WebStorm (who gave away one of their licenses… eheh, lucky Lilia!) and JS Day, Italy. It’s a free event, but without sponsors nothing could have happened, so big thanks to everyone!!

Furthermore, a big hug to all the attendees: as I always say, all this wouldn’t be worth it without you. You all contributed to make this event an extra-ordinary experience! We had lots of feedback, and people attending were really pleased of the result :) overall, on a scale from one to five, we scored 4,4. I think this is great :) there’s still space for improvement, that’s for sure. E.g., people had some problems with their keyboard settings, and some of them were also suggesting to give more space to the introduction, as the most of the attendees had absolutely no clue of  TDD and the testing world :). We’ll keep everything in mind for the next one! We’re organising this every 3 months, but due to the fact that in 3 months will be August, I guess we’re moving the next one to the beginning of September. Soon we’ll give you more details regarding the date, so stay tuned!


There’s only one issue that bothers me…

…the showing up rate.

Don’t get me wrong, this kind of event works much better if there are just 20-40 people, as we can give the right attention to everyone: it’s not a conference, people have to learn while having fun, and we want to be of assistance to every single participant.

Nevertheless, there are several organisational aspects that are strictly connected to the number of registrations we had on MeetUp and Lanyrd. Stuff such as food, drinks, snacks, blocks, pens, etc… those are all things that we need to buy in advance, in order to be sure to satisfy everyone during the event. That said, if lots of people don’t show up, we obviously waste money and time. That’s not polite at all… I mean, it’s a free event, so obviously people are more likely to decide last minute if they’ll actually attend or not. But because this is a free event, that still requires lots of money and effort, I believe that updating the status from “yes, I come” to “no, I won’t come” would be at least a nice and respectful thing to do. Same issue in all the locations.


Anyway, at the end everything was absolutely fine, people were happy of their learnings and pleased of the overall experience, so that’s the most important thing! I’m so excited to help organising this regularly :) it’s really a cool event both to organise and join.

Thanks to the sponsors, thanks to all the attendees, and thanks to uxebu for making this happen again!!!!


Ok, I’m too wordy, as usual. So let’s see some photos!!


Wolfram Kriesing (uxebu) and Martin Ruprecht (Mayflower), our wonderful speakers, once again! And me :)


Programmers programming :) Nice people in a nice atmosphere!


Retrospective and randori session: my favourite moments of the JSCR!


JSCR sponsored by: uxebu, Mayflower and TNG Technology Consulting. Thanks to WERK1 for the awesome location!


Post-its made this day so colorful!!


See more pics here

Thanks again to everyone, was really great to have the pleasure to host this event for the second time!

Looking forward to the 3rd one ;)

See you all in September!!