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Bikeshed – Episode 12

Object-Based Inheritance For ECMAScript 5

This post describes a simple, object-based inheritance system for ECMAScript 5 compliant runtimes. First, I will explain how inheritance works in JavaScript/ECMAScript, and how inheritance chains are built usually to give you a deeper understanding what I’m talking about. After that, I’ll introduce the new Object.create() method found in ECMAScript 5 and an inheritance system built on […]

TouchScroll 0.2: First Alpha Available [Edit: second]

Finally it’s ready: The first alpha of TouchScroll 0.2.
Edit: I’ve changed the method for animation chaining in alpha2, performance should be much better compared to alpha1

Please note that this version is not android-compatible yet. The final 0.2 will be, though.

You can try the new version online (old demo with new TouchScroll) or grab it […]

TouchScroll, a scrolling layer for WebKit mobile [update]

[Update 2010-09-17:] Check the new version. Dion Almaer was faster than me blogging about TouchScroll. Here is what you are waiting for – the “official” blog post about TouchScroll and the link to the repository. Here it is: TouchScroll, our scrolling layer for WebKit Mobile. It is JavaScript/CSS 3 based and allows for fixed elements […]

Mobile Cross-Platform Development: Palm Pre

Porting a W3C widget to webOS should not take a lot of effort, should it? webOS is built on top of web technologies, and in my mind the web is tagged “#universal”. But unfortunately, webOS isn’t universal. It’s different. I’m going to show you which differences you need to be aware of when doing cross-platform […]

CSS 3 Support in Mobile Runtimes

In a recent project a client asked for boxes with rounded corners and filled with a gradient; within an application targeted at smartphones. On mobile devices it is important to keep things simple, for instance to keep the number of DOM nodes low. That rules out using additional elements for the corners. On the other hand, […]