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Dojo.workshop(“Haifa”) – the summary

August 9th was the day for the first Dojo event in Israel and thanks to Yoav Rubin from IBM Research Labs in Haifa, we were able to hold the event in the great Auditorium of the amazingly located IBM building in Haifa. To give you a little impression of what kind of working environment the […]

Dojo.workshop in Haifa, Israel – August 9th

The news have been announced already on the Dojotoolkit.org and Dojocampus.org blogs but I nevertheless wanted to mention the dojo.workshop in Haifa, Israel on August 9th. Already now we have more than 50 signups and thanks to Yoav Rubin from IBM research labs we can have a full day of Dojo-ness.

Mobile days in Spain

As Wolfram already has posted in the last blog post, we are currently involved quite a bit in the mobile world and especially in investigating on how Dojo can be used best to develop for mobile devices.

Taking this as an opportunity we want to announce the next dojo.beer() in Barcelona on June 17th.
You […]

[UPDATE] – uxebu & SitePen – Dojo training in Europe, May 8th

This is an important notice for all attendees of the Dojo training on May 7th/8th and for people interested in the Dojo training. Due to scheduling issues, the training will be shortened from a two day training course to a “packed of information” one day event. This 1 day course on Dojo Data, Grids, Charts, […]

Dojo DTL Basics

Dojo DTL Basics

Dojocampus: dojo.cast() – Episode 8 released

Dojocampus: dojo.cast() – Episode 8 released

uxebu & SitePen – Dojo training in Europe, May 7th/8th

Important note: Training Program changed! For details visit: [UPDATE] – uxebu & SitePen – Dojo training in Europe, May 8th SitePen and uxebu are pleased to announce their first joint Dojo workshop in Munich, Germany. Come join some of the co-creators of Dojo on the 7th and 8th of May, 2009 to learn how to […]

Dojo.wine(), March 28th, Würzburg

After the great last dojo.beer() in Munich we would like to announce the next dojo.wine() in Würzburg, March 28th.

In cooperation with Mayflower we invite every Dojo enthusiast, JavaScript developer, and anyone else interested in the web to join a day of good food, wine and of course lots of development talk.

If you want more […]

Firefox on OSX with dtrace – Part II

In the last article I have given an introduction on how to get dtrace running in your development environment, how to compile firefox and how a simple dtrace script looks like. Today we will take a look at how to write more useful dtrace scripts and I will show how to analyze the resulting data […]

Firefox on OSX with dtrace

After seeing a great talk by Johannes Schlueter about dtrace, I want to pass on the information and give a short introduction on how to set up your (Firefox) JavaScript development environment on OSX so you can dive into dtrace and start exploring the powerful features of this tool.

Dojo.beer() – special guests and more…

As you might have read in the last dojo.beer() related post, uxebu is organizing the next dojo.beer() in Munich upcoming Friday (5th) and Saturday (6th) and Mayflower was so kind to offer their office space to host the Saturday event.

If you are interested in the Dojo Toolkit, JavaScript and web-development, you are welcome to […]

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Dojo.beer() – Munich – December 5th, 6th

In cooperation with Mayflower we would like to announce the next dojo.beer() on December 5th and 6th.

The main event will be held Saturday, December 6th at the office of Mayflower in Munich, they were so kind and will allow to use their conference room so we can have a few Dojo talks and exchange […]

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Uxebu on twitter

Just in time for the Ajax in Action (http://www.ajaxinaction.de) we have launched the uxebu twitter feed.
Subscribe to it if you are interested in hearing what is going on in Europe, what we are doing at uxebu and what we think is worth tweeting :)

Come, send us a tweet at http://www.twitter.com/uxebu

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Fronteers Conference 2008

Fronteers conference 2008, organization for client-side developers

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Optimizing visual identities, an introduction to CSS variables

A few months ago, Daniel Glazman and David Hyatt have written a proposal for CSS variables. This is a great step forward and hopefully we will find cross browser implementations some time soon. In this article I will show how you can use CSS variables to optimize CSS. In the second part of this series […]

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