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Dojo – new project lead

We want to congratulate both Alex Russell and Peter Higgins to some big news, as they both announced on their blogs (read Alex’s and Pete’s entry).

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Don’t send your data twice – a little widget

How many times do we need to disable a button after sending a xhr call or submitting a form? Almost everytime, the element which induces a data transfer, should be disabled until you get a reply from the server. I’ve written a short and simple extension of the “dijit.form.Button” widget called “dojox.form.BusyButton”, which provides a […]

Tangentiales Exzentrum

Tangentiales Exzentrum

Sharpen your eyes

Favicon goodness


Writing XDomain Dojo – a quick howto

CSS Variables

Are we moving closer to CSS Variables?

Dojo.workers() – awesome demo

OSX like image gallery – woot