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Orbit: hotswapping code as you type it

So you’ve met Orbit, our BonsaiJS editor. Here’s a screencast teaser of what’s nearly ready to be released. It’ll show you that you’ll be able to type code which is then updated in a live running program, without restarting the app. It will also display some of the magic links between source code and […]

When worlds collide

While we wait for some resources to clear before releasing our demo game, King of War, let me give you a sneak preview by releasing the physics engine that’s at the core of it.

The physics of the game basically require a plane (2d area) with circles that can collide. I’ve considered using box2d or […]

Zee Closure 2011-xmas

Hello there! I know, I know, it’s been too long since we’ve met. But let me make that up to you by this monster post. An Xmas special! Not because all the participants in this episode played nice with each other. Oh no, they most certainly did not. It’s a full out war! But more […]

Bikeshed – Episode 10

Zee Closure 2011-48

Oh, hello there! Last week started quiet but as the week progressed some interesting plot twists were introduced. Let’s get to them…

Zee Closure 2011-47

Ohai! To be honest, last week was very quiet. I haven’t seen a whole lot of interesting things pass by. Or maybe we’re just “spoiled” by the past few weeks… Anyhow, let’s see what happened…

Zee Closure 2011-45+46

Are you ready for a packed episode of Zee Closure? I had to skip last week due to being pretty busy. Amongst other things we were present at the Full Frontal conference, organized by Remy Sharp. We actually sponsored that conf! The conf was awesome, good talks, great people and free drinks. What else do […]

Zee Closure 2011-44

Hello there! Let’s see what this week brought us. It turns out that HTC is currently shipping the most smartphones. As this chart shows you, this has nothing to do with Apple itself, but rather with Nokia dropping down a few notches. An interesting move was Ubuntu announcing to go mobile. Will this finally be […]

Zee Closure 2011-43

Busy busy busy. This one’s a bit late, I know Last week didn’t really have a central theme. There were a few interesting developments though.

Zee Closure 42-2011

Wow, this week has been very qui-et. There’s actually very little to report, especially considering the past two weeks.

Zee Closure 41-2011

Howdy! After the storm of last week, this week was relatively quiet. Part of the reason was probably the three day RIM outage I’m looking forward to see how they’ll recover from that. Even my brother-in-law, non-technical and RIM pinger for a long time, told me he’s now considering an iPhone due to the outage. […]

Zee Closure 40-2011

Ohi thar! Conference season is bound to bring on rocky weeks. The past week has been one of those. Let’s go.

Zee Closure 38+39-2011

Hi all! Sorry for slacking last week, but we were at Funconf! And boy, it was fun. Let me just put the iconic pic right here so there are no mistakes.

Zee Closure 37-2011

So that was a quiet week again. No wait, that was last week. This week had to make up so it was super exciting. The soap continues! Note that I’m writing this blog post semi-drunk. Might influence a few things Let’s get started. Sooo, basically the week started with the leak of the internal google […]

Zee Closure 36-2011

The end of an era! Or so they say. Yahoo! is up for sale. This of course after their current CEO got sacked through the phone. Classy. Once as powerful as Google on the web, refusing a few billion offer from Microsoft on the way, but now Yahoo! is actually for sale for a few […]