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Wolfram Kriesing has more than fourteen years professional experience in IT. The early involvement in web technologies provides him with deep knowledge and experience for designing and implementing stable and scalable architectures.

What does TDD have to do with Star Trek?

“We always knew that we were spied on.” Yawn. If someone wants to achieve a goal there are ways. (Bad) dreams became reality. In the Star Trek movies we get to see what people imagine. In order to achieve it you have to try. Still a dream. So how do we get to tell our […]

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Five steps to a meaningful function name

You all know There are only two hard things in computer science cache invalidation and naming things. — Phil Karlton I found the holy grail! The first one mainly bothers me when using my browser. The second one keeps me awake at night. For about a year I am now practicing a technique which has […]

My First Softwerkskammer Meetups

More or less regularly I have been going to various kinds of meetups over the last years. From tech to biz. I enjoy the tech ones most, I guess. The learnings there are right away “actionable” as the lean dude would say. And somehow (way too late) I finally found the software craftsmanship meetup Softwerkskammer […]

Make tests read like a book

When all tests pass, life is great. And that should be the default case. We are working towards all tests passing, we are not trying to make mistakes. But when we make mistakes we want to get rid of them asap. That means we need to understand the cause in order to fix it. If […]

Bonsai – fresh from the pixelplant

Last Tuesday we released bonsai the light-weight JavaScript library, that makes creating visually rich content on the web easier than ever before, and yes it is inspired by Flash. It was a pretty big day for us, we had been working towards this for months now. Just a couple of weeks ago it was […]

To mock or not to mock

I am just hacking along, all TDD style of course, and the one problem I always come across again is to realize when I should mock and when not. My current idea is to have two blocks of tests, one with mocked data, the other non-mocking. Let me lead you to why I came up […]

JavaScript Snippets: isArray, arguments to Array, [x..y], padding, array.unique()

Now let me post a couple of code snippets that are lying around here already for a while. For the uber geeks out there you might yawn seeing them, but there are a lot of people who are searching for this stuff over and over, including myself. So let me post some small useful snippets […]

Bikeshed – Episode 23

Bikeshed – Episode 14

Bikeshed – Episode 4

My console.log() strategy

This time I feel like sharing my (maybe) strange looking console.log() strategy, but I find it very effective, read on to learn why.

JavaScript Snippets: create a sequence, chop off last character, convert int to hex

As I had promised, I will start blogging a couple more code snippets, so (basically) I can look them up and don’t forget how to do small things. If you find them useful, I am glad, if not it’s a good lookup resource (for me). So this time, I have three code snippets.

Comparing (in) JavaScript and Python

I just wrote a little bit of intuitive code, at least I thought it was intuitive but it bit me. As it was supposed to and I think it shouldn’t have bitten me, but after I saw why I understood that some languages are more intuitive in parts than others, and in this case it […]

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 workshop

Uxebu is spreading its knowledge, get some of it – for 699€ if you are an early bird (999€ later)!

Coworking, Spanish geeks and more

After the MWC in Barcelona I moved my working place to Valencia for a week, a little further south. That is already a while ago, but still I wanted to write a little bit about all the experiences. Not last because I very much want to thank all the people who I have met, who […]