BarCamp Cologne

At the weekend (06/06/09 and 07/06/09) I’ve attended the BarCamp in Cologne. The event was completely overbooked just within some hours after the registration page was opened and I’m glad that I’ve got the possibility to attend there. A hint for people who try to attend to an overbooked event: just go there and ask […]

Mobile days in Spain

As Wolfram already has posted in the last blog post, we are currently involved quite a bit in the mobile world and especially in investigating on how Dojo can be used best to develop for mobile devices.

Taking this as an opportunity we want to announce the next in Barcelona on June 17th.
You […]

A JavaScript Python bridge

A JavaScript Python bridge

jj: wrap up

jj: wrap up in Amsterdam and Munich

Some of the dojo guys are traveling around the world, and we are happy to get Pete Higgins, Dylan Schiemann and Nikolai Onken together for a couple of dojo.beers. 1) Amsterdam, 27th April, 19:00 – the first one will be already next week in Amsterdam on Monday the 27th April, this will be a meetup […]

Django/Dojo Stammtisch in Berlin

For the second time Django enthusiasts are meeting in Berlin on Wednesday, the 15th April, 2009 at 19:30. Find all the details here. And since I will be in Berlin this time, I just simply redeclare this to “Django/Dojo Stammtisch” instead of just “Django Stammtisch” :-). I hope all the djangoers are ok with […] by Mayflower by Mayflower

Dojango Version 0.3.1 (AppEngine release)

After several weeks there is a new release of Dojango and this release introduces the compatibility to Google’s AppEngine. AppEngine delivers helpers so that Django applications can run on Google’s server farm and now this release of dojango allows the deployment of Dojo powered web applications to it.

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uxebu at the Ajax in Action

Just one week to go and we are glad that all three of us will make it to the Ajax in Action 2008 in Mainz (Germany). So if you like to contact us, meet in person or just have a chat (besides the virtual reality) let’s do it. If you are interested in JavaScript as […]

Home for the Dojo Foundation

Finally the Dojo Foundation Web Site, a joined work of people from SitePen and uxebu, has launched. The main purpose of the site is explaining the intention of the Dojo Foundation, decluttering the Foundation from the Dojo Toolkit and giving all the other interesting projects under the hood of the Dojo Foundation a corporate […]

Dojo namespacing with dojango

This article describes, how you can create your own dojo namespace within a reusable django application when using dojango. It should give you an idea, where you place your javascript files and how you could structure your dojo namespace directory. When using dojango, where you are able to switch the source of dojo (a remote […]

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Django 1.0 released!

Django 1.0 released!

Spawning + Django

Spawning + Django

Ajax with dojango (dojo+django)

Ok, now you got dojango and you want to write an AJAX app. There are some basics that just need to be provided in order to make that a piece of cake. Dojango offers them. And this article will show you how to best plug those pieces together and get up and running with ajax […]

Dojango version 0.3 released

Now it is official! We released Dojango on google code today and you can get details about it and download it from there. Dojango provides a dojo integration as a reusable app. Download it, copy it into your django project and you have dojo included into django.