Working at Uxebu

Hello!! Myself Gaganjot, am a student of Informatics in TU Munich. I joined Uxebu as a software developer (working student), having motivation and enthusiasm to work in Web Development. While in Uxebu When I started I was a novice to NodeJS, which was at the core of Uxebu. But having the confidence to learn it […]

Five steps to a meaningful function name

You all know There are only two hard things in computer science cache invalidation and naming things. — Phil Karlton I found the holy grail! The first one mainly bothers me when using my browser. The second one keeps me awake at night. For about a year I am now practicing a technique which has […]


We’re making good progress in the organization of our event: according to our official website and to the Facebook event we should already have 35 participants. Right now, our main issue is related to the gadgets: which ones should we choose? And, most importantly, how many?

My First Softwerkskammer Meetups

More or less regularly I have been going to various kinds of meetups over the last years. From tech to biz. I enjoy the tech ones most, I guess. The learnings there are right away “actionable” as the lean dude would say. And somehow (way too late) I finally found the software craftsmanship meetup Softwerkskammer […]

Part 3. Our MINDMAP

  Here’s how we decided to structure our mindmap. Seems complex? Well, it’s not at all, it only contains a considerable number of colored bubbles. Let me explain you a bit better the reasoning underlying the map.

Part 2. How to organize an event: our JS CodeRetreat

I love to organize events! I organized pretty big parties before coming here, and I loved to plan graduation parties for my friends (in the North-East of Italy graduation parties are held in a very folkloric way, not common at all… I’ve never seen anything like those parties and behaviors in the rest of the […]

Make tests read like a book

When all tests pass, life is great. And that should be the default case. We are working towards all tests passing, we are not trying to make mistakes. But when we make mistakes we want to get rid of them asap. That means we need to understand the cause in order to fix it. If […]

To mock or not to mock

I am just hacking along, all TDD style of course, and the one problem I always come across again is to realize when I should mock and when not. My current idea is to have two blocks of tests, one with mocked data, the other non-mocking. Let me lead you to why I came up […]