Explaining EmbedJS

Last week, we tagged the current state of EmbedJS 0.1. This is a large step for us, and something we have been waiting for and wanting to do for a long time. And with doing so, the need arises to answer a lot of questions – and we better start sooner than later. So, here […]

Some for-loop considerations

We have been developing some coding style guide lines to produce better code and make our code easier maintainable and portable. Also thinking about code inspection tools and continuous integration techniques which analyze the code will profit from a well defined and verifyable style. While discussing a rather simple rule I thought this might be […]

JavaScript: Filtering data

Storing data in arrays is a pretty common technique throughout various programming languages, and it’s very straight forward. Until you get to reading them, sorting, filtering and mixing them. A lot of times you have more complexity in your data and filtering them is a very usual task. Almost every toolkit has some functional approaches […]

Yahoo Combo Handler, serve files faster

Yahoo Combo Handler, serve files faster