Thanks to Peter Peter Svensson for organizing and making SWDC 2010 in Stockholm happen and especially thanks for inviting us to speak there. We had a blast. A crowd of about 100 people saw some very interesting talks, ranging from Node.js, YQL, Chrome extensions, HTML5 to PhoneGap, I guess everybody heard something new and interesting.

mobile rulezThe second day was mainly focused around mobile topics. Nikolai showed us how to think out of the box (which is your phone in this case) by talking about “Human APIs – expanding the mobile web”. I tried to give an overview about how to use web technologies for mobile apps by talking about “App vs. Widget – HTML5 Apps”. And as it seems we had hit a sweet spot there as the tweet proves. It seems we had found our slots there. It was fun to see that.
Find our slides below.

what uxebu doesIt was great to see Sony Ericcson show their PhoneGap based strategy. Since that is also part of our direction it is very encouraging to see that there is company on going this route. They showed a webbased build tool, which allows for a simple creation of runnable apps based on PhoneGap and also interesting ideas around native APIs and the security concept. A lot of triggers that made a lot of people think. Great input.
@creationix showed a cool demo using node.js, where we could all interact with his app. @divineprog showed DroidScript, which basically was a Smalltalk inspired realtime Rhino-based JavaScript runtime, that allows using native Android resources. We learned a lot around geo data, their handling and optimization in use from @tablackmore. Those are just some of the talks, they all were of high quality, so be sure to see them live next time.

At the mobile day we also heard talks about

  • The New Mobile Web – A Web of Scripted Applications by @divineprog
  • How to avoid the latency trap by @sh1mmer
  • Handling spatial data on the web by @tablackmore
  • HTML5 gives you wings by @mahemoff
  • The phone in the cloud by Claes Nilsson and Thomas Bailey
  • node.JS powered mobile apps by @creationix

All in all it was a great conference, I will look forward to be coming back next year.