JSConf is just around the corner and all the JavaScript geeks are meeting there. We from uxebu are going there too, of course :). We are going to give four cool talks

and if you think you have something as cool as what you will see at JSConf you should contact us and we should talk about working together. We at uxebu are putting fun in the job first, actually we are trying to have fun all day and just call that work. Family and health are the top priorities in our company and the absolute base for doing a great job … oh and JavaScript is what we love, currently we are hacking it only on mobile (or as we like to name it “embedded”) devices. “Embedded” because we think JavaScript is not only hot on mobiles, but on TV’s in car dashboards and maybe even in your washing machine :)!? You know where we are going … are you as enthusiastic as we are? Come and talk to us at the JSConf, or if you have no ticket for JSConf yet give us enough reason to invite you there and get to know your geekiness :).
Let’s rock the mobile/embedded world …
Write us to [email protected] or find us on twitter @uxebu.