First and foremost big thanks to the organizers and sponsors of this awesome BarCamp. It almost seems as if BarCamps have already passed their tipping point, but still every time I discover new and interesting things, I meet people who attend for the first time and are excited about it, which makes it really awesome and fun. Maybe the tipping point had been reached but I guess the BarCamp is just on it’s way to become an integral part of the web culture and establishes itself as a standard event type besides the normal (mostly commercial) conferences. And as I always like to point out the people at BarCamps are those that want to go there, not those that have to be there (because their company had sent them or alike). We enjoyed it and have hopefully also brought value to it – that is what a BarCamp is all about: participate.
Thank you!
And let’s move on, which I do right this moment, sitting on the train going to the next (commercial) event the WebTechCon in Mainz to bring the cross platform mobile web to it :).

“Modern Company” session – uxebu as the example

But before I dive into the tech sessions I would like to mention that I really felt the need to hold a session which I had called “Modern Company” where I tried to show our philosophy at uxebu, how we work together, how we use the modern media, how it all came about and why we do it this way. First I didn’t know where to start. Then I started to talk about when and how the idea for uxebu came about, that we decided online to found it and really met some months later. Thanks to our open source background and our history we wanted to continue the same spirit inside the company, I tried to show how and based on what facts we grow our team (the word “hiring” seems such a one-sided process). I realize now that I forgot a lot of the good stuff, but maybe this is the chance to make this become a separate talk to hold at other events.
I really loved the discussion and the questions that it had started, notes had been taken, a lot of critical questions came up and had been answered by Tobias and me. One interesting mentioning came up about an article which mentioned a company that pays the same salary to all employees. Thank you for all this input, I really enjoyed it and will definitely talk about this more and will prepare some more info next time.

JavaScript – a topic of big interest

We had founded uxebu purely for doing JavaScript consulting and pushing the limits and it is just really exciting to see how much interest this language is gaining in the last years. Not only jsconf the mother of all JavaScript events underlines this but also a lot of other conferences and events like fullfrontal, fronteers, js1k, 10k Apart, jQueryConf and so on which Béla Varga listed in his “JavaScript Rock’n Roll” session.
The “node.js” session and “JavaScript Rock’n Roll” (by Béla (@netzzwerg) and Tobias Schneider (@tobeytailor)) made it very obvious that JavaScript is a hot topic, the BarCamp was not necessarily overcrowded with programmers, but still those two sessions had been very well filled and the discussions had been really fun. The conclusion of the “node.js” session that Tobias drew and evangelized was “node.js is currently very hyped and just not yet ready for production, so use at your own risk, it’s not even alpha yet”. Everybody also agreed that node.js is not the new saviour and a replacement for Apache, it’s another tool you should add to your tool belt, use it when it comes in handy and be sure to know how and when to use it. Final conclusion was, as usual, if you should use it depends on what you want to do :).
Béla opened up the “JavaScript Rock’n Roll” session by giving a very good overview of what toolkits exist out there, who created them and what they are good for. He very well layed out some of the advantages and disadvantages, the rough corners and what is hard and what easy to learn. Shortly the discussion about the right JavaScript IDE came up but as usual there is no one-fits-all solution, choose yourself! Everybody was very carefully listening when @tobeytailor dove deep into the details of ECMAScript, JavaScript, the differences, the latest specification, the changes, prototypes, __proto__ and so on. Other interesting topics in those sessions had been promotejs, vapor.js, details about storage mechanisms, jQueryMobile, embedJS,
That was real “JavaScript Rock’n Roll”!

Native vs. Web

On Saturday, the first day of the BarCamp, I had offered a session “Mobile: Native vs. Web” but didn’t see too many hands raised, so I just didn’t put it in the schedule, later some people asked me when this session would take place and that I should hold it on Sunday, which I fortunately then did together with Florian Detig. And I have to say I am very glad we did so, because 1) we (at uxebu) have a lot of awesome stuff to talk about and 2) it was really fun interacting with the audience and passing on all this information. It is always amazing again how much there is to say about how to create an app which can also be submitted into any of the various app stores by just using web technologies (the adult industry proved that again). HTML, CSS and JavaScript are just way to underestimated for being of good use in the mobile world. Florian first showed his awesome slides (I think they are really cool!). I continued the talk and dove a bit deeper into the mobile web topic, after my try of explaining the different movements in the native API space with players like W3C’s DAP, BONDI, JIL, WAC we deeply went into answering and discussing web technologies on mobile devices, I talked about our experiences, showed some projects we realized and answered a couple questions.
Not really a surprise but still impressing was the positive feedback we got when I showed of, our soon to be launched service that will be able to convert a web app into a native app (You want to know about it first – follow @apparatio). The release date for the private beta will be the 25th October 2010, people who follow @apparatio will get accounts first. I also showed our project embedJS a toolkit (based on dojo) optimized for mobile usage.

All in all the BarCamp just made it obvious again that we are playing in an very interesting field and that we at uxebu are pushing the limits, that is fun, as much as the BarCamp was big fun, we will be back next time, for sure!
Thanks again and keep up the good work!