Yesterday HP announced the new WebOS devices in San Francisco. Nikolai and Stephan had been there (and they are still there). MWC starts on Monday. Six out of seven of the uxebus will be there in Barcelona, all week, one apartment, sea view and fun. After JSConf in Portland (at least) three of us are going to NodeConf and Google IO again in San Francisco. Right after it all of uxebu will be in Amsterdam for mobilism. We have also been in London, Malmö, Bangalore and more … Yeah we are a travel company!

You do not only get to travel in uxebu. First and foremost we want to give you the opportunity and platform to accelerate the things you can do, show it to the community and enable you to reach more than you could on your own.
It doesn’t matter where you live! We are currently flirting with San Francisco too :).

But we are also a family company! We encourage you to have fun and put the priorities right. And family and health are top priorities at uxebu. As you can also see, as long as you like traveling and hanging out with the top geeks in our community you get to do that at uxebu, a lot. Because this is the bread and butter of high quality that we offer to our customers. And in order to become a top geek (which is one goal that we have for you at uxebu, if you aren’t one yet :)) you should be around those where you can suck know how and hopefully also give back and share yours as well.
You get the hardware that you need to work as efficient as possible. You prefer working at home or in a co-working space? No problem, feel free! Once in a time we meet some place and hack together for a couple of days, talk about our roadmap, find out where each of us wants to head and we figure out the way how to achieve reaching the goal we determine together. We normally meet some nice place, like at a lake or in the mountains. The last times we had both :). And we take the families with us.

Jens Arps joined uxebu in May 2010, he is the guy behind StorageJS, he is project lead for the just new dojo foundation member embedJS and is working on a really exciting HTML5 customer project that I can not link here :(. Stephan Seidt has hacked the newest (still unreleased) apparatio API, he is the one who does the node.js stuff in our team and WebGL is what he is passionate about, really passionate! I don’t have to say much about Tobias Schneider the guy behind Gordon, he has become famous over night, spoke at the last two JSConf’s and is our hard-core optimizer. David Aurelio has created TouchScroll and if you team him up with Tobias Schneider we have ALL JavaScript knowhow in da house, and they are currently hacking together on a really awesome project. Nikolai Onken a co-founder of uxebu is our social community front man and the party goer number one and besides that he has created HumanAPI and knows all the JavaScript guys around! Tobias von Klipstein is also guilty of founding uxebu and he is our Jack of all trades, he had created the first version of apparatio almost all alone.
Me, I write blog articles, sometimes. But I get to go to all parties anyway :).

If you are a JavaScript geek, love to walk along the edge of what is possible with web technologies and think that HTML5 is the rocket ship you should send us an email with some links to some of your projects and a short, convincing reasoning why you would like to work with us. And if you think that you can’t work with us because you are not ready yet, shoot us an email anyways and let us talk first and decide later. We are made of talented individuals each. But working together as a team is what makes us really strong. Be ready for it!

And btw get ready to learn something new every day. And do also pass on your know how!