Uxebu is spreading its knowledge, get some of it – for 699€ if you are an early bird (999€ later)!

Uxebu is now operating it’s business purely in the JavaScript space for about three years (oh that reminds me we should have a party!). We are convinced that JavaScript is ramping up now and we see that there are more and more things done and possible with the language. The browser landscape is developing rapidly and changing every day. The mobile industry is pushing the limits and we are helping to do our part in it. We learned a lot and are still learning. As it is in the nature of our company to spread our knowledge to allow everyone to use the technology at it’s best and push the limits with us, we think now it’s the time that we share our knowledge and pass it on to those hungering for diving into JavaScript!

We really have gathered a lot of bright, bleeding-edge people and each of us is learning from another everyday. If you want to get some of the know how (at least as much as we can pass on in a two day workshop) you are invited to join our workshops. There will be one held in Munich 29th and 30th of June and another one in Amsterdam 11th and 12th of July. We will always have at least two uxebus teaching you the latest and hottest. We might even have some of the latest bleeding-edge mobile devices for you to run the app you will develop in the workshop.

Workshop Details

In this course we will cover a broad spectrum from JavaScript essentials to the bleeding edge of cross platform HTML5 development. We start from the ground up and go step by step, depending on the level of the participants we accelerate to show you the deep and dark sides of JavaScript.

Each day of the course is split into an intensive “knowledge transfer” session in the morning and a hands on hacking workshop in the afternoon in which you will apply the contents learned during the morning. At the end you will have touched all contents not only through theory but also through intensive real life application and coding.

Note that this course will not explain you how to work with jQuery and also not how to work without jQuery. The course mainly focuses on JavaScript, mobile and HTML5.

Day 1 (part 1) – JavaScript

We start with a small overview of the history. We tackle the basic structure of the language and move on with statements, expressions, functions and objects. We touch the different operators and when semi colons are introduced.

We continue our way through the JavaScript landscape by taking a look at objects, properties and built-in functionality. At that point we’ll encounter our first major obstacles; scopes and closures. Once we conquer these we touch on the difference between functions and constructors. This is followed by our second major obstacle; prototype and the various values of the this keyword.

Day 1 (part 2) – Hackday: HTML5, CSS3

During the second part of day one, we will take what we have learned in the morning and mix it with a little shot of HTML5 fanciness. We will look at all those new APIs we can now access on our (mobile) devices to bring JavaScript to a new level. We will include cool APIs such as the Audio API, Video API, history, Canvas, SVG, File API, WebGL, DeviceMotion, WebWorkers, WebSocket, GPS – and if all ingredients fit well you might just end up with your first app written in JavaScript.

Day 2 (part 1) – The App Day

During the second day we willl continue with timers, callbacks, web workers, eval and the future of JavaScript. The speed of the course is matched with it’s participants. The important parts of the languages will be handled in the workshop. During the first part of day two we will also specifically look into topics which you want to cover after determining those during day one. This will give you the chance to get all your open questions answered so that you have your pockets full of knowledge after the workshop is over.

Day 2 – part two (Mobile)

JavaScript has grown strongly into the mobile space, so we will show you how to get the app you have started building during day one onto mobile devices. You will learn about media queries, some device sensors, performance and HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript tricks and how to optimize some parts for mobile and how to make a native app out of it, so you finally could even make get it into the app store and make money with it.

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