Hello!! Myself Gaganjot, am a student of Informatics in TU Munich. I joined Uxebu as a software developer (working student), having motivation and enthusiasm to work in Web Development.

While in Uxebu

When I started I was a novice to NodeJS, which was at the core of Uxebu. But having the confidence to learn it and later realising that Uxebu has bunch of great developers with whom I will be working along, I was quickly into somewhat ‘professional’ web-development (compared to only having done small University projects).

During my first task only, I learnt many tools and techniques which are used in today’s software industry. The most important thing, which is very important in success of every startup is its work culture. And talking about Uxebu, I must say that how it should be; because having regular contact and communication with other members of the company is as important as having good product/service.
I also came to know about the difference between ONLY WRITING the code and WRITING the code. And I could sense the analogy between Uxebu’s coding practises and the following quotation:
“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. -Martin Fowler”

I came to know that how your work could be beneficial to others if written abiding certain pre-decided rules (like committing code often, better renaming, modularising, refactoring, writing simple-small-dedicated functions to be reused, etc) and that is what I think high quality development is, writing code which is more understandable, manageable and easily-maintainable, which doesn’t need any documentation (at-least for developers).
Being a working student I didn’t spend my major time in company, but then also the time which I spend here is worth value for a student having software-development (after sometime I would say writing quality software) as a long-term goal. For putting this into habit, we regularly have coding-dojo sessions at the start of the day. Having Coding Dojo was a completely new experience for me, where I learnt about the pair-programming, code calisthenics, avoiding code-smells and refactoring.
This is not all which I have to tell, as the main organ of Uxebu quality-development is something else. This was TDD (Test Driven Development), which initially sounds to me really crazy until I knew the essence of it. After having seen TDD used in some of the projects and then putting TDD into practise I realised what is meant by maintainable software, how TDD can be used to validate the code and then, not the last, but TDD deriving the design of the software too.

Putting it altogether, it was a great experience being in Uxebu and working in Germany.