Here we are, our event recently ended, and I’m here to draw some conclusions.
I have to say, we are extremely pleased with the result! It took a considerable time to organise everything, but it was totally worth it! We obviously had sponsors: thanks to Mayflower for the food, to Elance for the drinks and to WERK1 for the location. I’ll discuss the event in more detail in a second blog post (including a list of the tools you suggested too!), here I only want to….ehm, well, basically I only want to thank all the participants: it’s thanks to them that the event was so gorgeous!

What was it about?

A JS CodeRetreat is a a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.
Basically, this event gives the opportunity to practice TDD, Clean Code and Refactoring for a whole day. The main difference between the CodeRetreat and our JS CodeRetreat is that normally you can use different programming languages, instead we decided to use only JavaScript, therefore this was a more focused CodeRetreat.

More than 80 attendees used TDDbin (basically all of the people without a JavaScript testing environment). This is an Uxebu product, released only the night before the event… we had lots of positive feedback for TDDbin too!! So happy :)
This time Madrid and Valencia joined too (we were 100 people totally!), and for the next time we already have requests from other countries!!! This is so awesome :)

Considering the fact that we’ve had many positive feedback, we decided that, from now on, this is going to be a regular event, probably taking place every 3 months or so (the next one is already fixed for the 10th OF MAY!).

Ok, I’ll stop being boring and lengthy… want to see some pics? Want to get an idea of the amount of tweets regarding us and you all? Here you are!

Some pics


2014-02-08 10_Fotor_Collage

Some of your beautiful and smiling faces :)



What you created

What we created.

AH, btw, many people asked me about the TDD POSTER’S DESIGN… lovely, isn’t it? :) well, I really want to suggest you our designer, Victoria (twitter: @v_onken) from AntFarm Designs. Her works are simply awesome, take a look yourselves! And, btw, if you want more TDD posters, feel free to ask us!

Sharing knowledge: the best part of programmer’s mindset!!




Thanks to our wonderful speakers, Wolfram and Martin




…and THANKS to all of you from me!! :)



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Blog posts


TDD Quotes

Do you remember those funny quotes hanging around the hall? You can find them here :)