Now it is official! We released Dojango on google code today and you can get details about it and download it from there.
Dojango provides a dojo integration as a reusable app. Download it, copy it into your django project and you have dojo included into django.

A quick summary of the main features of dojango:

  • a reusable django app that provides dojo
  • easy dojo setup inside django
  • build an optimized dojo
  • some helper functions, i.e. JSON conversion
  • switch easily between different dojo versions.

The main purpose of dojango is to help you using dojo within your django projects. Currently it delivers the main infrastructure to easily switch between several dojo versions and includes several functions that helps developing rich internet applications. Now we are able to chain dojo and django on a solid basis and we work at porting the actual django form widgets to use dojo widgets.

We would be happy, if a lot of people would test the current version and tell us about bugs, strange behaviors, misunderstandings, … Also we are open for everyone who would like to help out extending dojango. In coincidence Roberto Saccon (big thanks!) already testet dojango with google app engine and it worked at first go.