On the 18th of May I attended the WebMontag that took place here in Munich. It was an interesting mix of (short) talks ranging from augmented reality, digital art (innovative UIs), podcamp, a too long discussion about twitter and it’s use inside corporations, to various marketing talks for companies and their services, and ending all this with a short (the most tech-related talk) I gave about our cloud-based (not only mobile) widget EventNinja.
The venue (Pressecenter der Messe M√ľnchen) was not really in the city center, but it was a very nice atmosphere there and awesome hospitality. Thanks, we are looking forward to more. You can read some more in depth on the discuss&discover blog and on the PHPUG Munich page.

Also I spent some time at the UXCamp in Berlin, this was another kind of BarCamp, topic-wise. Very interesting discussions about what front-end engineers and user interface designer see as their job description and area of work. It was really good to just get another view into the web world and step actually quite a bit away from programming, I can only recommend attending it.