At the weekend (06/06/09 and 07/06/09) I’ve attended the BarCamp in Cologne. The event was completely overbooked just within some hours after the registration page was opened and I’m glad that I’ve got the possibility to attend there. A hint for people who try to attend to an overbooked event: just go there and ask on site to get in. Normally they don’t say no.

On saturday I gave a little session there about the JavaScript Framework Dojo and the server-side web framework Django and how you can use Dojango to combine those two worlds. In the session I’ve showed some basic slides that were followed by a simple coding example. The people, who attended my session, were more interested in Dojo instead of Django, because they already knew a lot of Django. After doing my 30 minutes for the session I had to answer Dojo questions for another half an hour. Next time I definitely will do a Dojo session upfront :-)

Thanks to the organizers and sponsors for having such a nice event in Cologne. Can’t wait for attending the next BarCamp there.