We have been writing and talking about EventNinja already for a bit. Now you can have it! Just visit EventNinja.net and test it on your iPhone and other mobile devices. EventNinja is on its way into the different AppStores and we will keep you updated on new versions coming out.
What will you get? At first, you’re getting the best app out there to lead you around a conference like the mobile2.0 in Barcelona in a few days on the 18th and 19th of June 2009. If you are attending be sure to have EventNinja on your mobile! So that you have all the info at hand when searching for the next talk to attend. It’s not just a list of all relevant upcoming web developer events on your phone (and browser). It is even more, you can get in depth info about the events, their schedule, all the twitter messages for an event, directions and many more features.
If you are at the mobile2.0 be sure to visit us to get even more!

Enjoy the short video we prepared to give you an impression of what EventNinja can do

EventNinja in Action

The EventNinja widget contains multiple pages, as you are used to from mobile applications. The home page shows all the events, allows you to search and filter them. Along the top bar you have the search bar, the “Help” and the “About” pages linked.
Clicking on the icon to the right of each event takes you to the details page of the event, from where you can go to multiple other places, like the map, to see where it exactly takes place, the schedule of the event. If the event has twitter tags saved for it can go to a page which shows you all the latest twitter messages flying in. Try it on EventNinja.net and explore the features.

EventNinja Features

User Features

  • List of web developer events
  • Searchable and filterable by tags, location and full-text search
  • Exact location of the event
  • Watch all twitter messages for each event
  • Find out about details of an event

Technology Features

  • Events are stored, retrieved and filtered by a Google Calendar
  • Everything built on top of the Dojo Toolkit
  • pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript based widget
  • using PhoneGap to run on iPhone, Android and Blackberry
  • Plugin architecture, allows for a modular enhancement of the widget
  • Fully customizable via client-side templates and CSS of course

As you figure right from the list of features and cleverly combining them we can hook this widget onto any calendar, customize the features (via plugins), style and brand it the way we like it and have your custom widget.

This gives customization a far broader meaning. Just imagine combining the two components 1) base of the widget and 2) the twitter plugin. You get a widget which shows you all tweets for a certain event -that’s just a new widget itself, without writing a line of new code. Which again is a very different use case, than the widget you get here. Just hook in another plugin which allows replying via twitter and you get a full blown twitter client in the context of events.
The limits of what is thinkable is just limited by the plugins you can write.

EventNinja for the mobile2.0 Conference

Mobile2.0 is the first conference where you can really use EventNinja to get all the info possible, the schedule, twitter messages, etc. There surely will follow many more conferences and events that EventNinja can and will be used at. See the screenshots below to get a feeling of what it looks like for this conference.

Are events missing?

EventNinja for webdevelopers is driven by the great amount of community events.
If you see that events are missing, please contact us and we will add them immediately. If you organize events yourself let us know as well. You can send any kind of info about the event, e.g. name, location, tags, speakers, twitter tags, schedule details, price, and much more.

You want an EventNinja?

Send an email to eventninja _ at _ uxebu.com if you are interested in a customized version of EventNinja, are interested in the technology or simply want to chat. At the mobile2.0 conference you will recognize us easily when you look for the guys with those caps, hurry, because we are spreading caps and maybe there will be many more wearing this cap :-).