I know the JS CodeRetreat from its birth, and I’m really happy and proud to see how fast it is evolving. This time there are several news, too many not to list them in a blogpost. The Global JS CodeRetreat, that regularly takes place every 3 months, is planned for the 6th of September, in Munich (as usual you can add your own city too, check the official jscr website). Besides that, uxebu is proud to organise a one-time special event, that will take place in Berlin, just before the JSConf EU. Which is so awesome!
But, ok, this isn’t actually completely new to the most of you.
Here comes the big news.


We’re happy to announce that Martin Klose, Peter Aitken and Wolfram Kriesing will be facilitating the JS CodeRetreat! Not bad, uh? ;) Better coding requires the best facilitators!
And….ready for the next news?


We have an outstanding location! Thanks to ThoughtWorks the event will take place at ThoughtWorks Werkstatt Berlin. Check the location :)

More news? Here you are. And this is actually very important, so FOCUS

Limited RSVPs

This time we locked the RSVPs up to 44 people. Please, we all need to collaborate, if you know you can’t make it update your RSVP to “no”. It takes about 3 seconds :) If you’d like to join hurry up, only few spots left!
We’re not done with the news yet ;) ready steady and let’s go with another one

Website restyling

We are re-designing the official JS CodeRetreat website! Work in progress, but a big part of it is online already :) check it out!
Even more? This is a good one:

JSCR sponsoring

We’re still looking for sponsors (food/drinks). Below you’ll find the JSCR sponsorship plan, feel free to go through it, and if you’d like to join us on board get in touch!


JSConf sponsoring

Last but not least, uxebu is really proud to be a JSConf sponsor! We’ll provide all the lanyards for the event, which is so much exciting. Really looking forward!

I'll spoil this... but just a tiny image, not to reveal too much ;)

I’ll spoil this… but just a tiny image, not to reveal too much ;)

Get involved!!

Want to join? Something not clear? Need more info? Willing to sponsor? Get in touch, don’t hesitate! [email protected]