“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I like this quote, I always did (and the movie too!). It involves uncertainty and food, both common threads of my life.

This time I probably chose the best chocolate I could imagine (which in real life would be white chocolate with hazelnut mousse-filling, if anyone was wondering). Seriously, I have been so lucky. uxebu made my year.

My writing-through-metaphors skills didn’t obviously improve, but there’s lots more that did. If I step back for a second and think of what I’ve learned and what have changed during this year at uxebu, I can hardly believe it.

I joined uxebu 12 months ago as a marketing intern. I didn’t know that much about online-marketing, even less about the start-up environment. I was pretty sure that Java was the lazy contraction of JavaScript, that was the level.

uxebu taught me a lot. The amount of marketing-related stuff that I learned in just 1 year is really amazing, though I gained much more than that (…such as weight – thanks Weißwurst! – but that’s another story).

12 months with smiles, new people, fun, beers. I met inspiring people with amazing personalities, and I had the chance to travel a lot, visiting capital cities that I never saw before. This year was memorable.

Special mention goes to Wolfram: a mentor, a teacher, a friend, a snack-fellow. Thank you for all this.

I’m now living in The Netherlands, and my uxebu-adventure is therefore coming to an end.

A big thanks also goes to the JSCR, the people involved in this event were awesome! To every single sponsor, helper, facilitator, co-organiser, and a special thanks to the attendees. I definitely met some awesome people there :)

In Italian there is a better word to say “goodbye!”, which is “arrivederci”. I like it most because it literally means “good bye” and “see you soon” at the same time.

This is exactly my mood: a heartfelt thank you uxebus, goodbye, and see you soon!