Just one week to go and we are glad that all three of us will make it to the Ajax in Action 2008 in Mainz (Germany). So if you like to contact us, meet in person or just have a chat (besides the virtual reality) let’s do it. If you are interested in JavaScript as we are, want to have an in depth dojo discussion, feel like you need to know more about dojango or just would like to talk AJAX with us, do it! We are looking forward to it.
Of course we will have some stuff to share, we are going to hold four talks RIA/UI development with Dojo, Adobe AIR and Dojo, bringing the web to the desktop from Nikolai and Architectures for scaling AJAX apps and Efficient AJAX/JavaScript Development from me.

Besides holding talks, which occupies at least most of my brain time until I am done, we are really looking forward to getting to know better the AJAX Community here in Germany and we hope for a lot of input and to share ideas with like minded people. If there will be so much brain capital as there was in Boston for the Ajax Experience two weeks ago, we will need at least the rest of the year to digest it all. But hey, that is what we are out for. We want your input and we want to give input.

May be we will even try to have a gathering of some of the most interesting and most interested AJAX people that are coming to the conference in order to shoot a dojo.cast(), may be some kind of “conference edition”. Actually, that is just an idea I made up right this second while writing this, but I guess Nikolai and Pete won’t be too opposed to it.

Feel free to mail us or drop a comment if you like to meet up – no matter if dojo, ajax, javascript or whatever related.