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uxebu in a nutshell

Test-driven development and design, Javascript, node.js, HTML5 and Mobile JS

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uxebu’s TDD poster

Get your free TDD poster!

Thanks to AntFarm Designs we created this cool TDD poster, a sort of cheat sheet helping you to remember the Test Driven Development cycle. Feel free to download it, print it and hang it in your office! As an exchange, just a tweet… fair enough, isn’t it? :)

Too lazy to print it? We can send it to you for free! Get in touch.

We are masters in Education

We believe that our passion has to be shared. We give talks at many conferences, and we often organise events and meetups all over Europe to advocate and share the importance and the beauty of what we do. We can tutor your team and help to increase your skills and competencies: our goal is to assure that your learnings will uphold standards of excellence. We offer JavaScript trainings for both privates and businesses.

We practice and teach Test Driven Design

Beginning of 2010 all of uxebu had the pleasure of a workshop with J.B. Rainsberger an international agile guru. Before his workshop we were only JavaScript geeks making the hottest things work. But after that workshop we slowly became craftsmen. We went through the valleys of TDD and we mastered them. Fortunately we were able to apply and improve our TDD skills while developing our product And we did work on it with the entire team in a pure TDD fashion from that moment on. We really just flipped the switch. TDD and the surrounding techniques became our life saver. The regressions we had went down until three years later we realized that there had been no regressions anymore at all. We can help you master this transition, starting from where you are, flipping the switch as soon as you want and just deliver better software. We can teach from experience and love to dive into details.

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Training for businesses

We offer trainings for businesses interested in applying this processes internally

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