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(Testing) Know How

Clean Code

JavaScript testing tools

  • Unit test tools on stackoverflow
    An overview of various testing libraries and tools.
  • TDDbin – uxebu
    A no-setup jasmine test envirnonment, write a test run it and see it pass/fail instantly. A good way of practicing test writing and a helpful tool for coding dojos and/or code retreats.
  • Sinon.JS
    Podcast panel with Christian Johansen author of Sinon.JS.
  • Make tests read like a book – Wolfram Kriesing, uxebu
    Why to use custom matchers and how to build and use them.
  • Intern – SitePen
    Intern is a complete test stack for JavaScript designed to help you write and run consistent, high-quality test cases for your JavaScript libraries and applications.
  • VMs of IE – Microsoft
    Test versions of IE using Virtual Machines that you download and manage in your own development environment.

JavaScript events

  • JSConf
    Conferences for the JavaScript community.
  • DotJS
    The largest JavaScript conference in Europe.
  • Socrates UK
    Software Craftsmanship Conference
  • Socrates DE
    Software Craftsmanship Conference
  • JS CodeRetreat – uxebu
    Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.

JS/HTML5 Frameworks

  • Reactjs – facebook
    A Javascript Library for Building User Interfaces
  • AngularJS – Google
    AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application.
  • Polymer – Google
    Polymer is a new library built on top of Web Components, designed to leverage the evolving web platform on modern browsers
  • MontageJS – Montage Studio
    MontageJS HTML5 is a framework to change the way developers and designers build software together.


EventSourcing, CQRS

JavaScript IDEs

  • Webstorm – JetBrains
    Advanced JavaScript editor, including features such as refactoring and tools integration.
  • Sublime – Sublime HQ
    Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.
  • vim (vimawesome.com)
    A very powerful complex editor, with lot's of extension possibilities.