We’re really excited to announce the first public release of our editor “Orbit” which allows you
to play with Bonsai and create content without having to do any setup.

Before I dive a little more into the details, go ahead and take it for
a testdrive at http://orbit.bonsaijs.org


We strongly believe that we need better tools for creating visual content for the web. In a mobile and touch based world the current tooling paradigms just don’t cut it anymore. With http://pixelplant.com, the online Flash to HTML5 conversion, we help the Flash community to move to HTML5 without loosing all their assets and work. With Orbit, we now are taking the first step towards providing the tools needed to create beautiful content straight in the browser.

Orbit tour

Orbit provides you with a coding and preview panel so that you can see what you create without having to go through
the hustle of reloading your browser.

Once you start writing code you will see how the url bar gets updated so that
you can easily share your ideas with other people.

To help you getting started we have integrated the Bonsai Cheatsheet as well and added context sensitive search.
So when you start typing the word Circle, the help will jump to the part explaining how to create circles.

We hope that this will make it easier for you to get started with Bonsai and give you a jumpstart into creating beautiful content for the web. We are looking forward to the upcoming features and as always, feel free to contact us if we can help converting your Flash content to HTML5.