The value of manual testing

I refactored the reactjs implementation of todoMVC. And when I was done I realized that going through the process made me learn a lot especially about testing. Let me lay out where integration tests and manual tests played their roles in this process.

Get real with ES6 (and webpack)

After the last post, where I briefly described how to setup mocha with ES6 (using traceur, a transpiler to working JavaScript) I couldn’t stop and had to prove, that getting it to run with on a real site was doable. It had it’s hurdles but voila it does work. See the github repo if you […]

Why this Test-Driven Development Workshop?

The JSCodeRetreat is always a lot of fun, a day free of stress, just practicing and honing our craft. But sometimes people come up to us and ask if we could do an introduction to TDD before, so it is easier to understand what the red-green-refactor cycle means or how baby-steps shall be understood. […]

Getting started with webpack

JavaScript has no standardized module system yet (ES6 will bring one, finally). A module system is used to structure your code into files, refer to dependencies and export values. Due to the lack of a standard multiple system have evolved. If you use some different libraries in your project and each of them is […]

We Lean

“We have a really good idea about developing a new web product.”
Usually, this is what we actually think, but in the sentence there is a huge mistake: “a really good idea”. No. It’s not necessarily a good idea! I read countless forums, articles, stories about failure in startups. Too many! But the most of […]

Working at Uxebu

Hello!! Myself Gaganjot, am a student of Informatics in TU Munich. I joined Uxebu as a software developer (working student), having motivation and enthusiasm to work in Web Development. While in Uxebu When I started I was a novice to NodeJS, which was at the core of Uxebu. But having the confidence to learn it […]

Say hi to “Orbit” / creating Bonsai content in the browser

We’re really excited to announce the first public release of our editor “Orbit” which allows you to play with Bonsai and create content without having to do any setup. Before I dive a little more into the details, go ahead and take it for a testdrive at

Improve your product: Make better tutorials

This is a guest post by David Pfahler and Stephan Bönnemann of Total reading time: 3:57min (based on Alex) When you try to learn a new programming language or work with a new framework for the first time you’re likely to google something along the lines of “How to …” or “framework X tutorial”. […]

EmbedJS 0.2 and AMD

During, we released EmbedJS 0.2. That release was mainly about a fundamental architectural change: the move to the AMD pattern for our features. Let me explain why we decided to do this, why we think this is a big step forward and what this means for the user.

My console.log() strategy

This time I feel like sharing my (maybe) strange looking console.log() strategy, but I find it very effective, read on to learn why.

What is WAC and how it could help us

At Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, @uxebu attended the WAC event to catch up with the future of WAC. WAC, short for Wholesale Applications Community, is a group of global mobile operators. They provide, among other things, a spec for their correspondent web application runtime “WAC”. Recently the new WAC 2.0 Spec got out […]

Explaining EmbedJS

Last week, we tagged the current state of EmbedJS 0.1. This is a large step for us, and something we have been waiting for and wanting to do for a long time. And with doing so, the need arises to answer a lot of questions – and we better start sooner than later. So, here […]

BlackBerry6, WebKit, WebWorks, DevCon10, etc.

The BlackBerry DevCon 2010 closed it’s doors a couple of days ago and to put the conclusion first, I have become a new evangelist for the BlackBerry6 platform. It supports W3C widgets, well … in a way ;). The core message I took away: web technologies have become first class citizens on the new BlackBerry […]

Developing Widgets for Bada Devices

Developing Widgets for Bada Devices

Make evaled script more useable in Firebug

Make evaled script more useable in Firebug