Learn ECMAScript 6 (in a different way)

When I started using ES6 (or JavaScript2015, ECMAScript2015) I realized that I was looking around for posts, reading them and as soon as I understood how the new function/feature worked I left. Diving deep and understanding things was just a way I then did using TDD, by using the new function or feature. So why […]

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TDDBin is open source, supports ES6 and moves on

Finally it has become reality. TDDBin.com is open source. And it does support ES6 by using babel – which is probably more ES6 than your browser can do.

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JS CodeRetreat #3 Highlights

First and foremost I would love to thank all the attendees that made the #jscr #4 such a cool event, which obviously made it worth spending another Saturday on working on our coding skills. And of course I would love to thank Martin Ruprecht who facilitated the event with me and Irene who has […]

SoCraTes 2014

It’s already two days ago, that SoCraTes is over and there is still this cosy feeling that it left. It was one of those memorable conferences that you know you wanna return to. Oh, an un-conference it was! And that’s the point, it was not the “one (wo)man standing and telling you the truth” conference. […]

Integrating jasmine and mocha for TDDbin.com – two tragedies

It was up in the air for a long time and finally I got around it to start open sourcing the code behind tddbin.com. After fiddling around with the existing code base I quickly arrived to the conclusion there is some major clean up, actually simplification and modularization very necessary. So I started to […]

Our JS CodeRetreat: sharing knowledge from both sides

“Knowledge sharing”: even though I’m getting used to this mindset, this is something that still surprises me quite a lot. Our JS CodeRetreat was all about sharing: we shared our TDD knowledge, giving you all the chance to attend a free course for an entire day, and you shared your experience and much more during the […]

Defactoring In Action

I would just add a tiny little bit to Kent Beck’s If you can’t make it better, make it worse. (Kent Beck) and that is “in order to make it even better“.

How to host a JS CodeRetreat in your city

The aim of this blogpost is to encourage and help those of you who are willing to host a JS CodeRetreat in your city. I’m pretty sure that lots of people thought “nice idea! I’d like to take part to it…but where to start?”. It’s simple. Requires some energy and effort to organise it but, […]

Working at Uxebu

Hello!! Myself Gaganjot, am a student of Informatics in TU Munich. I joined Uxebu as a software developer (working student), having motivation and enthusiasm to work in Web Development. While in Uxebu When I started I was a novice to NodeJS, which was at the core of Uxebu. But having the confidence to learn it […]

Happy Holidays

We want to wish you all a very happy christmas and a good start into 2013. This year has been very special for us with the launch of http://pixelplant.com, the Flash to HTML5 conversion service including human support ;) and with open sourcing BonsaiJS, after spending almost one year on building something we think […]

Bonsai & Bounding Boxes

In Bonsai’s latest release (0.4.1) we added support for a new ‘getBoundingBox’ method on all DisplayObjects. We can now accurately calculate the bounding box of paths, and groups containing paths.

To demonstrate we’ve created a demo with a constantly morphing star and a constantly re-calculated bounding-box:

We calculate the bounding box of any given path by […]

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Say hi to “Orbit” / creating Bonsai content in the browser

We’re really excited to announce the first public release of our editor “Orbit” which allows you to play with Bonsai and create content without having to do any setup. Before I dive a little more into the details, go ahead and take it for a testdrive at http://orbit.bonsaijs.org

Ping, Pong, BonsaiJS plays sound!

Bonsai grows with the demand of its users and our flagship project pixelplant.com. The next big thing on our ever growing list of upcoming features was for Audio support. It’s taken us a little over a week to implement the first version and we’re pleased with the results. This version includes an API, a […]

Creating a persistent Dojo Object Store

As of version 1.6, dojo comes with the new Dojo Object Store API. This is an awesome thing, as it greatly simplifies the work with data stores in Dojo. Everybody who had to do with the traditional dojo.data API felt it was overly complex and hard to use – this has finally changed now. There […]

Coworking, Spanish geeks and more

After the MWC in Barcelona I moved my working place to Valencia for a week, a little further south. That is already a while ago, but still I wanted to write a little bit about all the experiences. Not last because I very much want to thank all the people who I have met, who […]