SWDC 2010 Stockholm

Thanks to Peter Peter Svensson for organizing and making SWDC 2010 in Stockholm happen and especially thanks for inviting us to speak there. We had a blast. A crowd of about 100 people saw some very interesting talks, ranging from Node.js, YQL, Chrome extensions, HTML5 to PhoneGap, I guess everybody heard something new and interesting.

Mobile Web – does the adult industry point the way (again)?

During a very intense week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and a lot of very interesting meetings, discussions and talks, one incident surprisingly stuck out. At one of the evening events, I randomly met the folks behind http://www.yourappshop.com, a platform which allows you to distribute iPhone applications through other means than the official […]

EventNinja – A Mobile Cross Platform App

Lately we have been quite active around a mobile app, which you can find in multiple app stores for multiple platforms. The app runs on iPhone, Android, Palm’s WebOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia S60, Vodafone 360 phones and we are still adding to the list. But the most interesting fact is: it’s all the same […]

HumanApi – the browser in the real world

During the Oredev speakers dinner last November, I was having an interesting discussion about the car industry and how Google in one swipe mangled up the turn-to-turn navigation market. During this discussion and other interesting conversations at the following JsConf, it it became more and more clear that we (web developers) should be able to […]

Dojo.workshop(“Haifa”) – the summary

August 9th was the day for the first Dojo event in Israel and thanks to Yoav Rubin from IBM Research Labs in Haifa, we were able to hold the event in the great Auditorium of the amazingly located IBM building in Haifa. To give you a little impression of what kind of working environment the […]

Dojo.workshop in Haifa, Israel – August 9th

The news have been announced already on the Dojotoolkit.org and Dojocampus.org blogs but I nevertheless wanted to mention the dojo.workshop in Haifa, Israel on August 9th. Already now we have more than 50 signups and thanks to Yoav Rubin from IBM research labs we can have a full day of Dojo-ness.

Internet World Day 1, W3C Widgets and some other impressions

Today was the first day of the Internet World here in Munich. It is accompanied by RIA World and Mobile Vision, so you get three conferences at once. Unfortunately their schedules are not synchronized, pretty uncomfortable. This event is a mix of conference and fair. You can find and talk to a lot of (mostly) […]

Mobile2.0 wrap up

At first we have to thank the organizers, it was a great event. Especially the developer day (~100 people) was so loaded with energy, ideas and enthusiasm – wow that was huge! It took place in Barcelona Activa a business incubator, obviously well known throughout Barcelona, the Taxi driver knew right away where to […]

EventNinja: A mobile must-have Widget for the mobile2.0

We have been writing and talking about EventNinja already for a bit. Now you can have it! Just visit EventNinja.net and test it on your iPhone and other mobile devices. EventNinja is on its way into the different AppStores and we will keep you updated on new versions coming out. What will you get? At […]

Dojo Toolkit Workshop, Mai 2009

Dojo Toolkit Workshop, Mai 2009

WebMontag Munich, UXCamp Berlin

On the 18th of May I attended the WebMontag that took place here in Munich. It was an interesting mix of (short) talks ranging from augmented reality, digital art (innovative UIs), podcamp, a too long discussion about twitter and it’s use inside corporations, to various marketing talks for companies and their services, and ending […]

Mobile days in Spain

As Wolfram already has posted in the last blog post, we are currently involved quite a bit in the mobile world and especially in investigating on how Dojo can be used best to develop for mobile devices.

Taking this as an opportunity we want to announce the next dojo.beer() in Barcelona on June 17th.
You […]

jj: dojo.beer(3) wrap up

jj: dojo.beer(3) wrap up

JSONP for Google spreadsheets

Nikolai said yesterday “Is Google spreadsheet becoming the new Microsoft Access?”. You know the visual database and form designer. Well, for the web and pure mashup apps, that are mainly or completely based on the web’s infrastructure, so to say cloud services, one could answer “Yes, it can cover at least the database part”. It […]

dojo.beer in Amsterdam and Munich

Some of the dojo guys are traveling around the world, and we are happy to get Pete Higgins, Dylan Schiemann and Nikolai Onken together for a couple of dojo.beers. 1) Amsterdam, 27th April, 19:00 – the first one will be already next week in Amsterdam on Monday the 27th April, this will be a meetup […]