[UPDATE] – uxebu & SitePen – Dojo training in Europe, May 8th

This is an important notice for all attendees of the Dojo training on May 7th/8th and for people interested in the Dojo training. Due to scheduling issues, the training will be shortened from a two day training course to a “packed of information” one day event. This 1 day course on Dojo Data, Grids, Charts, […]

Marktforscher: Open Source ist Mainstream

Marktforscher: Open Source ist Mainstream

Some for-loop considerations

We have been developing some coding style guide lines to produce better code and make our code easier maintainable and portable. Also thinking about code inspection tools and continuous integration techniques which analyze the code will profit from a well defined and verifyable style. While discussing a rather simple rule I thought this might be […]

Nachlese zum DevDusk

Nachlese zum DevDusk

uxebu & SitePen – Dojo training in Europe, May 7th/8th

Important note: Training Program changed! For details visit: [UPDATE] – uxebu & SitePen – Dojo training in Europe, May 8th SitePen and uxebu are pleased to announce their first joint Dojo workshop in Munich, Germany. Come join some of the co-creators of Dojo on the 7th and 8th of May, 2009 to learn how to […]

Pure Client-side Dojo API Docs

It was a project last year, where yet another inline documentation syntax was “created” and suggested to be used. That triggered our brains and they started spinning caused by the unhappiness of reinventing the wheel, especially for something that is still too much of a step-child for frontend engineers and doesn’t get the necessary dedication […]

DevDusk, March 19th, Munich

We are happy to announce the free-to-attend event DevDusk, that is organized by Nils Hitze of the PHP UserGroup in Munich. The first come-together in Munich will be at March 19th, starting at 07:30 PM in the EineWelt Haus. For details visit the DevDusk Page.

At this event Martin Rupprecht of Mayflower and I will […]

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Dojo.wine(), March 28th, Würzburg

After the great last dojo.beer() in Munich we would like to announce the next dojo.wine() in Würzburg, March 28th.

In cooperation with Mayflower we invite every Dojo enthusiast, JavaScript developer, and anyone else interested in the web to join a day of good food, wine and of course lots of development talk.

If you want more […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody. We wish you all the best, have a great couple of days off and enjoy the great food everybody has around these days, we will do to :-).
We hope to see all of you back next year with a load full of new energy, more great ideas and a lot […]

Introduction to JS toolkits

Introduction to JS toolkits

DWR+dojo @ devoxx

DWR+dojo @ devoxx

dojo.beer(2) and Webmontag Munich

We really had a couple of busy days lately, spreading the word about Dojo at several places. Everything started with the dojo.beer(2) event, we’ve organized together with Mayflower, followed by an appearance by Wolfram and myself at the Webmontag in Munich. dojo.beer(2) In the evening of 5th December we’ve had our start for the dojo.beer(2) […]

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Dojo.beer() – Munich – December 5th, 6th

In cooperation with Mayflower we would like to announce the next dojo.beer() on December 5th and 6th.

The main event will be held Saturday, December 6th at the office of Mayflower in Munich, they were so kind and will allow to use their conference room so we can have a few Dojo talks and exchange […]

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First Day at the Ajax in Action

The first talk I’ve visited was held by Florian Müller. He was comparing the AJAX (JavaScript) approach with Rich-Client technologies like Flex and Java applets. He dived into a product called CaptainCasa (afair) and showed, how it is possible to debug front- and backend code all within the eclipse IDE. This was really impressive and […]

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Uxebu on twitter

Just in time for the Ajax in Action (http://www.ajaxinaction.de) we have launched the uxebu twitter feed.
Subscribe to it if you are interested in hearing what is going on in Europe, what we are doing at uxebu and what we think is worth tweeting :)

Come, send us a tweet at http://www.twitter.com/uxebu

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