uxebu at the Ajax in Action

Just one week to go and we are glad that all three of us will make it to the Ajax in Action 2008 in Mainz (Germany). So if you like to contact us, meet in person or just have a chat (besides the virtual reality) let’s do it. If you are interested in JavaScript as […]

Home for the Dojo Foundation

Finally the Dojo Foundation Web Site, a joined work of people from SitePen and uxebu, has launched. The main purpose of the site is explaining the intention of the Dojo Foundation, decluttering the Foundation from the Dojo Toolkit and giving all the other interesting projects under the hood of the Dojo Foundation a corporate […]

BarCamp Munich wrap up (1/2)

Now it’s almost a week ago, and I still haven’t written the more in depth article about the BarCamp Munich 2008, here it comes. As I have already said, the organization was great, first and foremost the people behind it, thanks a lot. But also Sun who provided the location and last but not least […]

Boston wrap up, Dojo 1.2

Three days ago on Sunday, we – the uxebu team (Wolfram Kriesing, Tobias von Klipstein and Nikolai Onken) – came back from Boston, where we had spent an awesome week with the Dojo folks at the Dojo developer day (DDD) and later at the Ajax Experience 2008. We had rented an apartment together with Peter […]

Starting up

Lot’s of stuff going on currently. It’s pretty exciting. We had our first official company meeting in Augsburg. We are close to releasing a neat piece of software that finally will make dojo easily usable for all the django perfectionists. And we are planning our trip to the AJAX Experience in Boston.

uxebu introduction

Welcome to the uxebu blog, the platform of the minds behind uxebu. Uxebu is the company of the three web enthusistasts: Nikolai Onken (from Amsterdam, Holland), Tobias von Klipstein (Augsburg, Germany) and Wolfram Kriesing (Munich, Germany). We are specialized in providing you with knowledge and support for JavaScript and CSS tasks. For our customers we […]