24 June, 2015

Learn ECMAScript 6 (in a different way)

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When I started using ES6 (or JavaScript2015, ECMAScript2015) I realized that I was looking around for posts, reading them and as soon as I understood how the new function/feature worked I left. Diving deep and understanding things was just a way I then did using TDD, by using the new function or feature. So why […]

13 May, 2015

The ES6 arrow function – a usage story

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One of the most famous features of ECMAScript6 is the arrow function. The arrow function is a shortcut for `function() {}` which can now be written like so `() => {}`. And it embeds a second feature: lexical `this` binding. I have struggled with it and enjoyed it. Read about why it sucked and where […]

16 April, 2015

Explicitness over Language Sugar – array vs. object

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Tuesday the monthly Agile Tuesday took place, my first one. Thanks to Mario Gadet who invited me a long time ago and made sure I didn’t forget about it. Already this put the bar quite high for me and I was quite nervous about it because I didn’t expect the typical tech audience. And […]

2 March, 2015

TDDBin is open source, supports ES6 and moves on

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Finally it has become reality. is open source. And it does support ES6 by using babel – which is probably more ES6 than your browser can do.

12 January, 2015

The value of manual testing

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I refactored the reactjs implementation of todoMVC. And when I was done I realized that going through the process made me learn a lot especially about testing. Let me lay out where integration tests and manual tests played their roles in this process.

24 November, 2014

Get real with ES6 (and webpack)

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After the last post, where I briefly described how to setup mocha with ES6 (using traceur, a transpiler to working JavaScript) I couldn’t stop and had to prove, that getting it to run with on a real site was doable. It had it’s hurdles but voila it does work. See the github repo if you […]

19 November, 2014

ES6 and TDD at work, with traceur, mocha and sinon

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It was this little itch, that I had for quite a while, but you know how it is, you never get around to scratch it.
Now was the time to do so. I had ES6 working already a couple of times using webpack but did always switch back, due to not having taken the time […]

11 November, 2014

Why this Test-Driven Development Workshop?

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The JSCodeRetreat is always a lot of fun, a day free of stress, just practicing and honing our craft. But sometimes people come up to us and ask if we could do an introduction to TDD before, so it is easier to understand what the red-green-refactor cycle means or how baby-steps shall be understood. […]

10 November, 2014

Auf Wiedersehen uxebu, grazie!

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“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I like this quote, I always did (and the movie too!). It involves uncertainty and food, both common threads of my life.
This time I probably chose the best chocolate I could imagine (which in real life would […]

22 October, 2014

Global day of CodeRetreat, a worldwide day of TDD

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Yes, the CodeRetreat goes global again! On the 15th of November hundreds of cities will be rocking the coding scene, joining the CodeRetreat from all over the world… which is absolutely amazing! And, of course, such an event couldn’t come without Munich, AKA Europe’s main tech hub, taking part to it ;)
Check the official […]

9 September, 2014

JS CodeRetreat #3 Highlights

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First and foremost I would love to thank all the attendees that made the #jscr #4 such a cool event, which obviously made it worth spending another Saturday on working on our coding skills. And of course I would love to thank Martin Ruprecht who facilitated the event with me and Irene who has […]

8 September, 2014

Getting started with webpack

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JavaScript has no standardized module system yet (ES6 will bring one, finally). A module system is used to structure your code into files, refer to dependencies and export values. Due to the lack of a standard multiple system have evolved. If you use some different libraries in your project and each of them is […]

14 August, 2014

JS CodeRetreat before JSConf EU, Berlin

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I know the JS CodeRetreat from its birth, and I’m really happy and proud to see how fast it is evolving. This time there are several news, too many not to list them in a blogpost. The Global JS CodeRetreat, that regularly takes place every 3 months, is planned for the 6th of September, […]

12 August, 2014

SoCraTes 2014

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It’s already two days ago, that SoCraTes is over and there is still this cosy feeling that it left. It was one of those memorable conferences that you know you wanna return to. Oh, an un-conference it was! And that’s the point, it was not the “one (wo)man standing and telling you the truth” conference. […]

7 August, 2014

New Endeavours

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In May 2008, Wolfram, Tobias and I have met for the first time to organize the first of many events in Europe. This was the beginning of 6 wonderful years, where I was fortunate to being able to learn something new each and every day. uxebu allowed me to be part of a […]