29 January, 2014

Five steps to a meaningful function name

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You all know There are only two hard things in computer science cache invalidation and naming things. — Phil Karlton I found the holy grail! The first one mainly bothers me when using my browser. The second one keeps me awake at night. For about a year I am now practicing a technique which has […]

27 January, 2014

My experience as an intern at uxebu: TRUST first.

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My first days as an intern at uxebu were hilarious… yes, hilarious for everyone but me: I didn’t get half of their laughs and furrowed eyebrows. Sometimes they were just looking at me astonished and baffled. Now, in retrospect, I can understand why. I am a stranger in a foreign country, and, although Italy isn’t […]

21 January, 2014


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We’re making good progress in the organization of our event: according to our official website and to the Facebook event we should already have 35 participants. Right now, our main issue is related to the gadgets: which ones should we choose? And, most importantly, how many?

21 January, 2014

My First Softwerkskammer Meetups

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More or less regularly I have been going to various kinds of meetups over the last years. From tech to biz. I enjoy the tech ones most, I guess. The learnings there are right away “actionable” as the lean dude would say. And somehow (way too late) I finally found the software craftsmanship meetup Softwerkskammer […]

17 January, 2014

My experience as an intern at uxebu: uxebu is changing me. How?

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Before being an intern at uxebu, I was not familiar with the startup environment. For me startups were just new and small businesses with innovative ideas. Nothing too exciting. I began to realize that I had to deal with something new and unknown since the first Skype interview: it was scheduled at 3 p.m., and […]

16 January, 2014

Part 3. Our MINDMAP

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  Here’s how we decided to structure our mindmap. Seems complex? Well, it’s not at all, it only contains a considerable number of colored bubbles. Let me explain you a bit better the reasoning underlying the map.

15 January, 2014

Part 2. How to organize an event: our JS CodeRetreat

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I love to organize events! I organized pretty big parties before coming here, and I loved to plan graduation parties for my friends (in the North-East of Italy graduation parties are held in a very folkloric way, not common at all… I’ve never seen anything like those parties and behaviors in the rest of the […]

14 January, 2014

Part 1. How to organize an event: our JS CodeRetreat

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We are planning a JS CodeRetreat for February 8th (ah, btw, if interested, here’s the link to the website:, and I, of course, wanted to lend a hand in the organization. The question was: how could I help if I didn’t understand at all what it was about? For this reason, some days ago […]

13 January, 2014

My experience as an intern at uxebu: Who am I?

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Hello! I’m Irene, the marketing intern at uxebu. Keyword: marketing Yes, because uxebu is a very well known German startup which basically operates in the high quality IT consulting field. And I’m the marketing intern. Doesn’t sound strange until now, right? Well, let me tell you all something more about my experience. I graduated in […]

8 January, 2013

Make tests read like a book

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When all tests pass, life is great. And that should be the default case. We are working towards all tests passing, we are not trying to make mistakes. But when we make mistakes we want to get rid of them asap. That means we need to understand the cause in order to fix it. If […]

21 December, 2012

Happy Holidays

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We want to wish you all a very happy christmas and a good start into 2013. This year has been very special for us with the launch of, the Flash to HTML5 conversion service including human support ;) and with open sourcing BonsaiJS, after spending almost one year on building something we think […]

7 November, 2012

Orbit: hotswapping code as you type it

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So you’ve met Orbit, our BonsaiJS editor. Here’s a screencast teaser of what’s nearly ready to be released. It’ll show you that you’ll be able to type code which is then updated in a live running program, without restarting the app. It will also display some of the magic links between source code and […]

31 October, 2012

Bonsai & Bounding Boxes

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In Bonsai’s latest release (0.4.1) we added support for a new ‘getBoundingBox’ method on all DisplayObjects. We can now accurately calculate the bounding box of paths, and groups containing paths.

To demonstrate we’ve created a demo with a constantly morphing star and a constantly re-calculated bounding-box:

We calculate the bounding box of any given path by […]

11 October, 2012

When worlds collide

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While we wait for some resources to clear before releasing our demo game, King of War, let me give you a sneak preview by releasing the physics engine that’s at the core of it.

The physics of the game basically require a plane (2d area) with circles that can collide. I’ve considered using box2d or […]

10 October, 2012

Say hi to “Orbit” / creating Bonsai content in the browser

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We’re really excited to announce the first public release of our editor “Orbit” which allows you to play with Bonsai and create content without having to do any setup. Before I dive a little more into the details, go ahead and take it for a testdrive at