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uxebu in a nutshell

Test-driven development and design, Javascript, node.js, HTML5 and Mobile JS

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Test Driven Design

Our JavaScript consulting and development starts here. We love test-first development. This technique enables affordable maintainability and ensures that the software works as per requirement. We create applications that are faster, easier and safer to change. We guarantee better applications, with lower maintenance costs and state of the art architectures. Visit our Training section to learn more.

Continuous learning

Our aim is to enable and deliver outstanding software and products. Therefore, we continuously evolve and improve our coding skills. We’re lucky enough to work on our passions: this ensures us to always be interested in our field, getting better and better every day because we love it, not because we have to. Our luck is an advantage for our customers too: working with us ensures great quality products and solutions that are made carefully and lovingly. Our small team guarantees our internal communication to be ideal, and the excellent relationship established among us ensures perfect team work, which we love to share and transfer to other teams.

JavaScript and Mobile HTML5

It was in 2009 when we shipped our first app to 13 app stores. The app was called EventNinja and can still be found in some stores. It was an events calendar, that we fed from google calendar and rendered on a mobile phone using some geeky tweaks here and there. We didn’t have the resources to have done that natively for every platform, so we used just one technology underneath: HTML5 (back then we used to say HTML, JavaScript and CSS). All this got kicked off by the mobile BarCamp in Dresden (Germany) that we had attended in February 2009 where we knew the time was right to even focus more in one direction. Until then we had the sign “we do only JavaScript” hanging on our door. But after this BarCamp we made a new sign, which said “we do only mobile JavaScript”. And as you can imagine PhoneGap was something we used strongly besides all other HTML5 toolkits that existed for the various platforms.

Actually we had set out to make JavaScript a first class citizen in the industry. In 2008, right after uxebu was founded, we were fighting hard to convince that the Front End Engineer is a full time job. Today there is no doubt that this is the case. Did we help achieving that? Maybe.

Building Products

It was Christmas 2010 when we deployed a service that allowed you to package an app made with HTML, JS, CSS as a native app. For iPhone and Android you just had to upload the sources and out came a working native app, that was ready to be published to the app stores. We learned a lot about how to build apps, the signing process, the entire chain from developing an app all the way to shipping it. It was a rocky road! We had been a bit too early :).

PS: Funny enough, the service that is on now offers exactly the same service we build years ago.


Around the same time things like jsconf came into existence and we had the pleasure to get Tobias Schneider on board, who had been working on a pure JavaScript implementation of a Flash runtime already for three years. After a prototype we got the chance to work full time on a Flash to HTML5 conversion engine. Which runs on heavy node.js using SVG with our open source library BonsaiJS in the frontend.

We have expertise with a variety of programming languages, and a skillful knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5. Our unique knowledge ensures high quality in maintaing your product durable. As a consulting company, our aim is to focus on our clients and exceed their needs and expectations: we love to see our clients succeed.