Munich, DE

15th Nov '14

35 spots


Yes, the CodeRetreat goes global again! On the 15th of November hundreds of cities will be rocking the coding scene, joining the CodeRetreat from all over the world… which is absolutely amazing! And, of course, such an event couldn’t come without Munich, AKA Europe’s main tech hub, taking part to it ;)
Check the official GDCR website for more infos and a complete list of cities joining.

What is it?

A CodeRetreat is a day-long free event focusing on practicing Test-Driven Development (with its red-green-refactor cycle), giving the opportunity to get familiar with quality and clean code. This isn’t a conference! Rules are totally different, attendees take actively part to the coding experience: act a lot, listen very little.
The Global CodeRetreat is going to work as a standard one, with sessions, katas and constrictions. No big difference with the usual day schedule.
(…wondering how a usual day schedule looks like? Have a look here).

Who is it for?

This event welcomes experienced programmers as well as beginners. All programming languages are going to be involved, this meaning that if you’re able to code in at least one language of your choice that’s enough to join us!

What to bring?

Just your laptop, nothing more. Drinks, breakfast and lunch will be provided by sponsors.

Who is facilitating?

Two very well-known names, Sebastian Benz (E.S.R. Labs) and Wolfram Kriesing (uxebu GmbH) are going to facilitate the Munich event.

Time and Location?

Join us at E.S.R.Labs, in St.-Martin-Straße 53 (see map) on the 15th of November 2014 (Saturday, as usual) from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Is registration important?

YES, indeed. Take a second to register here. There are only few spots left, hurry up!

See you at the Global Day of CodeRetreat, always looking forward to TDD the shame out of codes ;)